Friday, 4 April 2014


Rhinos are mammals. 
Their horns are made out of hair. 
They have 1 or 2 horns just above their nose.
All rhinos are gray white rhinos are just a lighter shade of grey black rhinos are a darker shade of gray.
Rhinos are endangered animals because their horns are expensive and many hunters  kill them for their horns to make money.
A rhinos skin feels smooth a bit like our ear.
Rhinos are mostly found in Africa  and India and prefer to live in grass lands, bush lands and savannahs.
Rhinos are also called the rhinoceros.
Rhinoceros's mostly eat grass but can also eat fruits, leaves and bits of bark. 

By Hayley                                White rhino


The tiger is part of the cat family.

Their favourite type of environment is one of forest where they can hide in amongst trees.

Tigers are carnivores. The majority of there diet is meat and some fat. Siberian tigers will eat moose, ribe deer, sikas deer and Manchurian.

Tigers can be white and orange. The White tiger is a sort of snowy tiger and the orange tiger is a dark orange.

I choose the tiger because they are a beautiful animal.